Monday, July 8, 2013

Dating Profile Dealbreakers

So....I'm getting such a kick out of online dating! Profile content of potentials is particularly amusing...terrific fodder for road trip conversations, chats with girlfriends, and now, for The Virgin Verdict.

Yes, friends, the following content is REAL. In my few short weeks of recent online dating experience, I've seen all of these things.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering what exactly these "Christian" boys are smoking because who says this stuff in a dating profile???!!!

Note to all men who might be reading this: Here are things NOT to say in your profile. They are all grounds for automatic closure and blocking of you, as you pigeonhole yourself into the creeper/cocky/not-really-a-Christian box.

Here goes: I have absolutely no qualms with closing a profile if a guy says in his online dating profile...

The one thing I'm most passionate about:

"Meeting beautiful new women"

"Elks Lodge"


"Finding my soul mate"

"Church" (with no other mention of God or Jesus at all in the profile. Bleh...I'm not into churchy culture with no actual relationship with the Lord. Incidentally, most of these men are from Texas. Shocker...).

A rant on Second Amendment rights (also likely from Texas)

Three things I can't live without (like, they're up there with air and water):

"Video games"


"My Mom"


"Some lovin"

Last book I read and enjoyed:

"I can't remember the last book I read"

"Calvin and Hobbes"

A long list of Nicolas Sparks novels

"I really like books by Joel Osteen"

What I'm looking for in a woman:

"Extremely beautiful and incredibly intelligent" (ugh...cocky?)

"A Gamer girl"

"I'm not attracted to girly girls in the slightest"

"I'm not looking for the perfect woman, but one who's perfect for me" (gag! I see this cliche all the time!)

If his profile pictures consist of...

Self-portraits taken in front of a mirror

Pictures of landscapes (not him)

Pictures of his dog (not him)

A dessert (not him)

Him with full Goth makeup

Photos of him with no shirt (vain, much?)

No photos (really?)

Not a single picture is of him smiling (Creeper! "He's climbin in yo window, snatchin' yo people up...")

Him wearing sunglasses in every single picture (um, it would very much reassure me to know you have eyes)

A picture showing only his biceps

Other miscellaneous info:

A guy who not-so-subtly encrypts their Facebok or email into the profile (like "Look me up. Smith on FB or at the Google place" I interpret this as: "I'm too cheap to pay for an account, so I'm gonna make you do all the work of pursuing me even though I'm the dude...")

Someone with terrible English ("God is my row model")

The man who says "Maybe" when it comes to having children one day (I learned the hard way from past experience that Maybe usually means No, but he knows that if he says No, girls won't even consider him. I don't even consider the Maybe's...).



"I'll tell you later"

An animal "whisperer"

Fast food restaurant "sign shaker"

Refers to himself as (instead of using a real first name):

Mr. Snuggles

Big Thunder

The name of a board game

A letter (i.e. "X" or "M")

Soul Mate

I hope you got a good laugh out of all that. I've laughed a lot lately...all before I hit the delete button.

And to set the record straight, there are a lot of profiles I DO keep open. Particularly the ones that talk a lot about Jesus, missions and Mark Driscoll sermons ;)

The ironic thing is, last night when I went scanning through profiles I'd closed to come up with this list, these guys saw that I had viewed their profile...and started trying to communicate with me! Crap!

Oh well, I guess this is my "kissing frogs" phase. Someday my prince will come. (Hopefully not taking pictures of his muscles in the mirror).


  1. Numerous profiles from both men and women whether on or simply reflect the sobering truth that numerous men (and women) calling themselves "Christians" have absolutely no concept of what it means to genuinely repent of their sin, and have a relationship with Christ...nor do they have any motivation for it. I dare say the persecuted church in Sudan and China would say the same about us here in the U.S. :-\