Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Amalgamation of a Future Husband

I've spent much of my life immersed in or on the outskirts of charismatic circles. As is fitting for inclusion in such groups, you'd better believe that I have been prayed for and prophecied over many a time. Specifically regarding my mysteriously wonderful and amazing future husband.

Who is he? Apparently, everyone else seems to know...

While I fully believe in biblical prophecy and always appreciate a word of exhortation, I have to laugh when I piece together all the little tidbits of "foretelling" I've received over the years. Granted, not all of them came with a "prophecy" label attached, but these are the comments that people make with a sly smile or ironic laugh as they proceed to tell me what kind of man they think I'll end up with.

Keep an eye out for him, will ya?

My future husband's ethnicity/nationality will be...

American (from California or the mid-west)

My future husband's career will be...

Business guy
Public speaker
Taxi driver
A non-YWAMer
Something that makes him rich

He will be both...

Taller than me
Shorter than me

And I will be...

Very surprised
Very blessed to have him (and he to have me)
Engaged really quickly

And he is...


Yes, you deduced those blanks correctly: There have been specific men named as my future mate! Granted, one (maybe two) of them came from my own sense years ago when I was still learning to recognize God (but I was soooo sure--freakish circumstances confirmed it! lol!). Yet, the other ones came from outside sources (multiple people confirming two of them). Good news is, four of them are still single. Keep hope alive!!

Really, I can only laugh. It is actually very amusing... :)

But boy did this ever made for a bi-polar path when it comes to thinking about guys in my younger years. At some stages, after a particularly compelling word (i.e. something I really wanted to hear), I had been closed off to hundreds of potential men simply because they did not fit that very specific description. Short guys, American guys and men who were not fill-in-the-blank #3 were all been "brutally rebuffed" as it were.

Yet, here I am. Ring finger still bare. Hmmmm. Someone might have been wrong.

It was probably me...

Now I've resolved to start from scratch. I don't know that I can ever truly be "expectation-less," but I can pray for an open mind and for God to help me put all the "words" behind me.

There is one word (that I've gotten over and over lately) that I feel there might actually be some truth to, though:"You'll know him when you meet him."

Amen to that. I like clarity.

Until then, here's to mystery...

Semi-un-related endnote: This idea of "What will he be like?" reminds me of this beautiful song (except it's the girl version): "What'll She Look Like?" Will I be what he is waiting for?

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